JVC multi format LCD monitor


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the DT-V24L3DU
offers native 1920 x 1080 resolution on an oversized 1920 x 1200 display panel leaving ample
room for on screen status and metering indications outside of the active picture area. The monitor
now offers a waveform monitor and new processing with lower latency and faster switching
response than earlier models.
24” Native HD Multi-Format Studio Monitor
Achieving HD images, faithful to original signals, with less than one frame of latency
• 1920×1200 pixels
• Circuits that deliver low latency of less than one frame
• Waveform monitoring with over level function
• Gold-plated HD/SD SDI terminals with embedded audio
• DVI-D with HDCP terminal
• High-performance LCD panel
• Exclusive JVC image processing technology
• Status display in unused section of 16:10 panel
• Wide selection of video production functions
• Easy-to-operate front panel controls
• Rugged, adjustable stand provided
• Source ID input by ASCII code
• Information position selectable
• Full screen mode for SD 4:3 signal


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