Fada 1000 Yellow

SKU: R147

The FADA model 1000 Catalin radio ranks among the design icons of the 20th Century and is highly desired by collectors.

Why such popularity? You can sum it up in two words: style and Catalin.

The synthetic Catalin cabinet epitomizes 1940s Streamline design. Its sleek, rounded lines suggest speed and practicality, hallmarks of streamlined industrial design from those years.

Gone are the heavy, dark, wooden cabinets of the 1920s and 1930s, along with their old-fashioned ornamentation. Formed of modern material and offered in bright colors, the Catalin cabinet seems to be rushing forward into the future.

Collectors refer to this cabinet style as the Bullet, or occasionally, the Streamliner, although neither name was used by the FADA company.

The Bullet’s “airplane” dial is very attractive, with moving lines molded into the gold background and a spare, modern font for the frequency markings.