A little bit of the history of The
Victor Talking Machine Company
copied from the book "Look for the
Dog" by Robert W. Baumbach.
"The Victor Talking Machine
Company was incorporated in 1901
by a New Jersey Manufacturer
named Eldridge R. Johnson. The
real beginning, however of what
was to become the world's largest
manufacturer of records and record
players can be traced back thirteen
years earlier into the previous
century, when a German -born
immigrant Emile Berliner,
demonstrated a disc playing
machine at the Franklin institute in
Philadelphia. The concept of
recording sounds and reproducing
them at a later date was not new as
Thomas Edison had built his first
phonograph in 1877. What was new
about Berliner's approach was the
technique he had developed to
produce large numbers of copies
from a single master record (such a
process for cylinder records would
elude Edison until 1901)
Circa 1939 RCA Victor Special portable phonograph
designed by John Vassos. These are powered by a spring
motor for the turntable and battery operated amplifier
We have seen them in the red leatherette case, a green
leatherette case, The Aluminum case came either with the
black interior as shown or a red interior.
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Victor Victrola model VV -XVI
In the Vernis Martin finish
Victor Jr
Victor Type O
Victor I
Victor VI
Victor D with Oak Horn