Victor Victrola VE-XVII
Original Finish
With original manual & Key
The following information has been
taken from the web site
The XVII was introduced as the premium floor model in late 1916, replacing the spectacular
(but too-expensive to produce) VV-XVIII. The XVII featured "bowed" front and side panels,
with ornate hand-carved trim and gold plated hardware. Some very early versions used a
3-spring motor, but most were delivered with 4-spring power. Cabinets were available in
mahogany, oak, walnut or fancy finishes. The XVII was the first phonograph to introduce the
small glass speed indicator. Most records show that this model was discontinued in 1921,
however, some sources show availability by special order until 1922.

The original 1916 selling price of the standard finish (mahogany or oak) XVII was $250.00.
At the end of the model run the price had increased to $350.00. An estimated total of
19,600 Victrola VV-XVII's were produced.

Electric motor versions of the XVII were available for $50.00 extra.
A total of 2,500
VE-XVII's were produced
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