40 W. 25 St # 216 & 107
NYC NY 10010
Blue Amberol
Cat #                    Title                                                 Artist
3890       Uncle Josh and Aunt Nancy                         Cal Stewart and Ada Jones
3999       County Fair at Punkin Center                       Cal Stewart
2326       Fourth of July at Punkin Center                    Cal Stewart
1986       Uncle Josh's Rheumatism                            Cal Stewart
3830       The Opera at Punkin Center                        Cal Stewart
2279       Moving Day at Punkin Center                       Cal Stewart
2009       The Revival Meeting at Punkin Center         Cal Stewart

5267       The Dying Girl's Message                             Vernon Dalhart
5028       The Runaway Train                                      Vernon Dalhart
3586       Rock a bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody   Vernon Dalhart
5076       The Wreck of the Shenandoah                      Vernon Dlahart

5064       Brown Eyes Why are You so Blue                Golden Gate Orchestra
5410       There's a Trick n Pickin                                Golden Gate Orchestra
5152       After I say I'm Sorry                                       Golden Gate Orchestra   
5084       Freshie                                                          Golden Gate Orchestra

5562       Georgie Porgie                                              B A Rolfe and his Orchestra
5555       Who Wouldn't be Blue                                   B A Rolfe and his Orchestra
5618       Roses of Yesterday                                       B A Rolfe and his Orchestra
5563       That's My Weakness Now                             B A Rolfe and his Orchestra

5153       Horses                                                           E Olivers Jazz Babies
5137       The Village Balcksmith owns the Village Now   Olivers Jazz Babies
5136       Thanks for the Buggy Ride                            E Olivers Jazz Babies  

5470       My Blue Heaven                                            Vaughn DeLeath
5404       Me and My Shadow                                       Al Lynn's Music Masters
4772       Yes We Have no Bananas                            Green Bros Novelty Orch
5402       Side by Side                                                   Oreste and his Orch
4855       I'm Going South                                              The Jazz o Harmonists
5565       After I've Called You Sweetheart                    Al Friedman and his Orch
4890       Bringing Home the Bacon                              Kaplan Melodists
5121       Trumpet Blues                                               D. Lindley
4926       Charley My Boy                                             Georgia Melodians
4833       31 St Blues                                                    Al Bernard and FM Kaplain
3554       Jazz Bo Jazz  One Step                                 Fullers Famous Jazz Band
5134       Song of the Flame                                         J Stillmans Och

4063       The Moon Shines on the Moonshine             Al Bernard
3766       Nigger Blues                                                  Al Bernard
3790       Everyone Wants a Key to My Cellar              Al Bernard
3988       Swanee                                                          Al Bernard & E Kamplain
1904       Seated Around an Oil Stove                           Murray K Hill
3335       Nammy Blosoom's Possom Party                   Collins and Harlan
2598       The Insect Powder Agent                               Golden and Hughes